I will develop a social media website like facebook

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I will develop a Complete Social Media Website like Facebook. You may wonder that why people will use your social media site instead of Facebook, Of course people will use our site because your site will have more extra features which Facebook doesn't have. Example, It will have Forum, Movies, Funding (Donation System), Market Place + All features Facebook have. And most importantly, it will have a point system for users, by points users will be able to earn money. For example they can earn 1 USD for 1000 Points, they will earn points when they post content or make Reaction or comments to other's posts. In this way you can attract users to use your site.

Features your Social Media Web-site will have: 
User Features

  • High Performance & High Level Cache System
  • RTL Support
  • Social Login
  • User Last Seen and Typing
  • Profile visit Notification
  • Friends & Follow System
  • Home/News Feed
  • Pages, groups and Events system
  • Games
  • User Privacy
  • Notifications
  • #Hashtags
  • @Mentions
  • Post Privacy
  • Li-ke and Reaction System
  • Dislikes
  • Comments & Replies
  • Search
  • Reports
  • Messages
  • API
  • Multi Languages
  • Verified Profiles/Pages.

and much more…Looking for Demo? Contact me to see a live website I built

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  • seoboyz

    Sadek is an artist, just finished installing for me few minutes, bravo, thx
    Mar 12 2020

  • seoboyz

    Sadek is an artist, just finished installing for me few minutes, bravo, thx
    Mar 12 2020

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